SA to Gov Udom on Grassroot Mobilization addresses the public on current trending news at AKSU....see details

The Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Grassroot Mobilization
Mr. Ndiana-Abasi Nana Udom has taken time to address the public on the recent issues that is occurring within the state owned University AKSU,

In his words "I dont know Professor Eno Ibanga from anywhere, i’ve never had a reason to, truth is i hear he is my next door neighbour but we have never met, except from a distance at Government events, maybe we will someday, maybe, just maybe.
Someone asked me if the VC is God, and i said he is not God but he is in charge of that school, that school is not a political organization, it is meant for human upbringing, it is a place where people should learn, you have to be found worthy in character and in learning, i remember not liking a particular lecturer in my university days, my coursemate Onome Onokpachere said and i quote “forget the man’s behaviour and take what he is teaching” i did just that and it worked.
The university is not where you seek rights, forget all these “aluta thing” it does not really work, it has consequences, if you doubt me, ask the student leaders you know, life is not really easy for those guys, the university is a place where you find lecturers who have different and very funny behaviours and attitudes, but you discount their lifestyle(s) and take the lectures, that is really when you can say that a school has passed through you, it is where you focus so you get out of there in 4 to 5 years depending on your course.
It is sickening for a little girl to come online and call her Vice Chancellor “foolish” and people are politicizing and legalizing it, how dare we take politics to classroom matters? why do we compare university issues to real life issues? that politics is popular in Akwa Ibom is never an excuse for us to cover up an insult to one’s lecturer in a university by a girl i am very sure did not make(was not born in) the 80s or even 90s, if she wants to insult, let her atleast wait, when she graduates, she can now open an insult academy and recruit people who are in her field.
All of you supporting her, i pray your child does not wake up one day and call you “foolish” and expects you to send him or her to school or also continue raising him or her in a very wonderful way, let me also ask you supporters, have you insulted your boss in the organization you are working?(and still expect to be paid or promoted?) Have you insulted the person employing you? Have you insulted your benefactors? But you are encouraging her to insult her VC, the same VC she expects to coordinate lecturers that will teach her and ensure she graduates, how sick?
Her punishment has been served, now that it has happened, will all these cries on social media save her? No it wont, she has been punished already and there is nothing we can do about it, do you know why? Because Akwa Ibom state university is not a political organization, it is a study centre and has rules and regulations.
More worrisome is the fact that everybody supporting this act are talking from both side(s) of their mouth...they will be like, not that i support the girl calling her VC foolish, but .....But what? Oga or madam, if you are not supporting her you are not supporting her, if you are supporting her, you are supporting her, period, stop twisting your support, stay one place let us know how to direct the thunder.
In summary, matters of gross misconduct and abuse in a supposed learning environment should be checked, rules and regulations as well as sanctions should be applied if need be.
My name is Ndiana-Abasi Nana Udom , Let me hear “kpim” from that “support group” and i will come down to your level".

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