"FOOLISH VC"- Comrade Asuquo Robert condemns such attitude, asks VC for Mercy

Still on the issue of the suspension of a student  of Akwa Ibom State University due to gross misconduct, Comrade Asuquo Robert, a one time President of the great Department Of Soil Science, Akwa Ibom State University had also addressed the students as well as the general public on the issue through his facebook page.
In his words;

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  "A University student was suspended indefinitely for calling her Vice Chancellor foolish on social media and some persons are rising to her defence. Character is everything and we must learn to always play by the rules. This is not about the student in question but the authenticity of the training the graduates from such school received.
In our days, we did activism ranging from writing on facebook to physical protest. I can still remember how Comrade John Bassey and few of us locked down the main gate and Ikot Okoro road while agitating for the University portals to be opened for students to pay their fees. Prof. Eno Ibanga was still the Vice Chancellor then and nobody was suspended.
A University student who is trained in character and learning cannot publicly throw a direct insult on the Vice Chancellor of his/her University and expect not to be sanctioned.
You can call your Union's President foolish and nothing will happen. You can be suspended from the Union in line with the Union's constitution but you will retain your studentship. This is the same as a staff calling his/her Union President's foolish- (Be it ASUU or NASU), he/she will be sanctioned in accordance with the provisions of their constitution. That will not take away his/her job. But when either a student or a staff is having a faceoff with the management which is not in accordance with the laydown principles of the university rules, morality and good conscience, then you will be sanctioned in accordance with the law.
We would have joined in the fight for her reinstatement if her agitations was in line with the principles of morality.
Whatever situation led her to making such statement did not make any input to what was at hand.
Those advising her to play the victim card are her worst enemies. She should take responsibility of her actions by apologising to the Vice Chancellor or by seeking redress in a court of competent jurisdiction if she feels she has been victimised.
I will advise we always confront the dark parts of ourselves, and work to banish them with illumination. Our willingness to wrestle with our demons will cause our angels to sing.
Many of us including me have never had any reasons to read the University Students Information handbook through out our stay in the university.
A situation arose at a time and I had to open it, then I understood that every crime that can ever be committed has it's consequences. Many of us are not even aware that we swore an oath to that effect.
The only way her innocence can be proven is non acceptance of making the above statement, anything else, has a penalty.
The truth is, the same way you are withdrawn from the university for failure to learn and pass prescribed examinations is the same way you can be suspended if you are character is found wanting.
I understand the girl in question may feel sad and unhappy about the situation, but she must not be defeated. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the struggles, so you can know who you are, how to be more careful in future, what you can rise from and how you can still come out of it.
In all, many students of Akwa Ibom State University may have their different reservations about the Eno Ibanga led management, but for many of us who were opportuned to experience the days of Prof. Peters led management, we won't be mincing words if we say that the AKSU we have today was the AKSU of our dreams then. He's doing a great job irrespective of our different views.
Nobody is ever perfect. I pray the VC tenders justice with mercy. She's just one of our very own who's a victim of ignorance".

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